Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hey Everyone! Hows it going? So this week was pretty interesting. We got transfer calls from the AP's on Friday. So I will be going to Papeete 2. Its a new area. Its the ward of the AP's, President Bize, President Sun, and the temple president, pretty much all the big leaders. I kind of feel like I'm being babysat. I'm going there to help the assistants with their ward because they are so busy. And I'll be training another new missionary. I don't know who yet but I'll find out Wednesday.
 The work here was alright this week. . We don't have a very large teaching pool and its been difficult trying to find new investigators. Tracting doesn't really work here so we just ended up with a lot of "No"s. We were able to find one new investigator who's name is George. He builds boats and he's pretty cool. He has a good understanding of the Bible. 
  We taught Taaroa and Bertie on Wednesday. As soon as we got there I could smell marijuana smoke. We had already heard that he had started again but it was disappointing to find out that it was true. We tried helping but he seemed uninterested. Its really affecting Bertie so we're going to suggest this week that she get baptized without him and to stop waiting for the marriage. 
Thursday we had English class and its Elder Fuller and I that teach. We started off by doing a maze. The class had to guide Elder Fuller using English phrases to find a piece of chalk. Its really funny. 
 Friday night Elder Isabell got to eat his first fish eyes and fish brain...I was so proud...the members were really impressed too. The hardest part of the eyes is the ball inside the pupil. That's always a weird feeling. 
This week I learned a lot about the power of prayer. I've been wondering for awhile how to develop a certain talent and its been really difficult. Then I remembered the scripture that says " Ask and ye shall receive" and I realized I had never before prayed for that particular talent so I started praying for it everyday and it totally worked!  It just goes to show that its really by small and simple things that the Lord accomplishes his work.

I love you all Have a good week. Talk to y'all soon.  

Elder Porter

Elder Fuller with his blindfold on being lead through the maze of chairs during our English class.
Me, Elder Fuller and Elder Isabell
View from the mountain where we live

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