Thursday, November 27, 2014

5 days until Tahiti!!!

Hey everyone so big news.....I'm leaving next Monday December 1st for Tahiti! I'm super excited.....although last week I got a letter saying I didn't get my Visa in time.  But then they told me yesterday I did! I would have gone to Everett Washington if I hadn't gotten it. This Thursday is going to be awesome!! There's a high probability of getting to hear from an apostle and we get to do a giant humanitarian project. I believe we're making food boxes!!! Today we did a lot of packing and we played a giant game of Nerf war!! I got shot in the eye "only" a million fun. I'm so excited to leave!! I can't wait to use what I've learned here, in the field. This week I decided to read Acts and I love the story where Peter and John heal the lame man on the steps of the temple. Its super cool. I love you all. Thank you for your support!! Talk to you next week.....from TAHITI!!!!

Nerf Wars...

This is the place...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Two weeks until Tahiti!

This week has been just like every week!! a lot of studying and a lot and a lot of excitement cause we only have two weeks left!!! 
I've been trying a new thing to push myself. I'll pick one scripture a day and memorize it in all three languages. Its been really hard but also really can learn a lot about language by studying the scriptures. These next two weeks are just going to be language review and I have a lot of questions about Tahitian! I'm so excited to speak it in the field! Next week is Thanksgiving and we're all pretty sure we're gonna have an apostle speak to us....its protocol basically. This week during personal study I've been reading John and my favorite story so far is in John 9 where Jesus heals a man born blind....its such a cool story and the bible video for it is super well made!! I love watching it!!! Well my email next week will be a little bigger cause Friday we get our travel plans and we'll know when we're gonna be leaving! I love you ALL!! Thanks for the support!!! 

Love Elder Porter

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

3 weeks until Tahiti

So not a lot has happened this week...just like every other week....Elder Hill and I finally got released as Zone Leaders....we were zone leaders for twice as long as normal....also most of our friends left yesterday...which was a super bummer...Half of our zone left for France yesterday and it was super sad....They were all amazing!! It's only going to be the three Tahitian districts until we leave so there will hardly be anyone in the Zone now....but it's alright because we get to leave for Tahiti in three weeks!!! I believe my French and Tahitian are pretty good but I'm sure that will change as soon as I enter the field!! This week I've been reading a lot out of the New Testament and its been really cool....I've never really studied it before and its been really amazing to read it during personal study and comp study. There are a lot of things I didn't know about that I read this week in Mark and Luke! Its also helped me to better understand the characteristics of Christ and ways I can improve and become more like him. I Love you All!!! Thank you for your support!! Talk to you next week!!!
Me and Elder Hill showing off our awesome socks!
Relaxing on P-day
The snow capped mountains of Provo, Utah.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Lift where you stand"

Hey Everybody, So this week has been about the same! A lot of studying and a lot of teaching. Elder Nelsons wife came and spoke to us on Sunday and her talk was pretty cool!! It snowed just a little bit here yesterday which was crazy to see. There's snow on the mountain range right next to Provo. Today was awesome because after we did a session at the temple, we went to the temple cafeteria and ate some of the best food I've ever had! It was a nice change from the MTC food. There hasn't been much else that's french is coming along....and my Tahitian is slowly improving....I'm at the point now where I can basically read and understand Le Livre de Mormon which is a good sign. I was thinking a lot this week about how I can improve as a Missionary....and the same quote from President Uchtdorf came into my mind a couple of times..."Lift where you stand!!" so this week I've been trying really hard to lift where I stand. It's been a cool experience although I still have room to improve. 
Love you all. Thank You for your support!

Orometua Porter
Me and Elder Hill in front of the Provo Temple.
Me and Elder Hill...deep thoughts.