Sunday, March 27, 2016

Two more baptisms

Hey everyone! This week was pretty awesome for us! We finished off the week with two baptisms! Heimiti, who got married and baptized, and also Maeva who's a young girl whose mother is becoming active again. There were lots of family members and friends of theirs who came. It was a very special baptismal service. The water was super chilly, which you'd think would feel good since it's so hot here, but I was super cold. Anyways, I was so happy after the baptism because We've worked very hard these past couple of weeks to help them get baptized and there are so many things that could've gone wrong but everything went great!! 

So earlier this week, We did a FHE with the TA'I family. We talked about Easter and the Atonement and the first Passover. It went very well and we ate some super good lentils afterwards. Lentils are probably my favorite food right now. Its so good!

It was actually a very normal week. It was very effective. I don't know how else to describe it. We accomplished a lot of good things. We found some new investigators and we've started teaching some inactives. 

Our weekly English class went very well. I taught it with Elder Hervaud this week because Elder Barlow was waiting for another lesson so we did a split. We taught the class about shopping for clothes and it was very funny. There's a group of like 6 non-members who come and they love to laugh. Apparently clothes shopping is HILARIOUS when said in English. It was fun!

I think the best thing I ate this week was tofu and grilled potatoes. It doesn't sound very islandy but it was very good and surprisingly filling. We had one family make us tacos with homemade tortillas! And they weren't to shabby! Crazy! Didn't think I'd get ANY Mexican food while in Tahiti! Oh how I've missed my Mexican food! 

I would like to bear testimony of the fact that the scriptures give us answers. There were many times this week where a simple prayer and a quick read in the scriptures or ensign helped me out a lot. Prayers honestly lightened my load. God hears our prayers. 

My mom wanted me to write something in Tahitian. So here you go mom....

E pahono noa te Atua i to tatou mau pure no te mea, Ua hinaaro ona ia tauturu atu ia tatou atoa. Ua here te Atua ia outou, A faaitoito! 
Which means....
God always answers prayers, because he wants to help us. God loves you all, Keep up the good work! 

I love you all!! have a good week!

Elder Cole Porter

Heimiti and Maeva right before we baptize them.

Elder Barlow, Heimiti and her husband, Maeva and me.

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