Monday, April 4, 2016

Amazing Conference

Hey Everyone! 

SO this week passed by pretty quickly! I'm in my new area, Paea. The ward is called Orofero and its super pretty here; very different from the city. Much more "island-y", and green. 

There's a lot of potential here in the area and these next couple of months should be awesome! 

Not a lot happened this week. We were busy with transfers, and conference. We had a couple of lessons but I'm still getting used to everyone and their situations. 

I really enjoyed conference this year. I think my favorite talks were by Elder Kearon and Elder Holland. Elder Kearons' talk made me really excited to come back and serve. I love giving service and being on a mission has helped me learn how to connect more easily with strangers so I'm excited at the prospect of using this new talent. And As usual Elder Hollands talk was amazing. I loved how he said "We get credit just for trying." It was probably my favorite talk ever! 

Anyways, sorry its a short email this week. But I've just been busy figuring out my new calling, doing paperwork, and trying to meet the people in this side of the island. But next week will surely be exciting. 

I love you all!! Have a good week!

Elder Cole Porter

The road leading to our house
The Ward building

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