Monday, April 4, 2016


Hey Everyone,

So we got transfer calls this week. Well I didn't really get a "call", because I live with the AP's, so they just looked at me and told me. Haha. I'm getting transferred to the zone of Paea in the ward of Orofero. My new comp is Elder Fuller, one of my best buds from the MTC and we'll be Zone leaders together!!!! This is an awesome transfer. I'll finally be in a car for the first time on my mission. Paea is an awesome stake and the ward is super cool. Plus our house is air conditioned! YES! Score! I'm very excited to leave but also very sad. This has been an amazing ward. Since I arrived in December, the ward has been able to accomplish 14 baptisms in total. And Its been awesome to be able to work closely with the assistants. And I'll miss elder Barlow. He's been a great companion.

So the work here was slow this week. Its the start of vacation season for the Tahitian people. Which means they leave and go on vacation. I know what you're thinking. Uhh......they're taking a vacation from one of the most beautiful places in world? Yes. I don't get it either!!!! So the work slows down a lot right now. 

One investigator, Raurea, went to Bora Bora to get baptized by her uncle so we are very happy for her. She'll be heading back later this week. 

Elder Barlow caught the new sickness that's going around here and its been extremely hot this past week so we've been taking it easy. The lessons have been pretty normal.

Thursday night was Reactivation visits and Elder Barlow and I had no where to go. Bishop came up to us and asked us where we wanted to go and we said we could probably visit the Marurai Family. Maeva the young daughter is a recent convert and her father is not a member. So we went with Bishop and we had an awesome lesson with the family. The mother was  very happy that a leader stopped by and the father was receptive to the message. He's seriously considering mariage and baptism now. It was awesome! I was very grateful.

So Sunday was our last Coordination meeting with the ward and because both Me and Elder Thia are leaving this area, the ward made us some food and gave us some treats. A couple members bore their testimonies and thanked us. I got teary eyed when Anoun and Betty both thanked me. I am so grateful to have been a tool in the Lord's hands to change these people's lives. I'm sad to leave this awesome ward but happy for the chance I have now to do it all over again somewhere else. 

I love you all!! Have an awesome Easter week!! See ya next week!

Elder Cole Porter

My old MTC district. We haven't seen each other, altogether, for a long 
Saying goodbye to the ward!!!

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