Friday, May 13, 2016


Hey everyone,

So this week went by pretty fast. Papi Tepa our new convert is doing awesome. He was ordained a priest yesterday. It was amazing!

On Thursday I went and did splits with Elder Thia at Papara. It was really fun! We had some pretty cool lessons. We talked to one sister named Raff. She had the most adorable children! If I see them again, which I probably will, I'm going to take a picture with them. We had a pretty cool lesson with two young couples. We talked about marriage and chastity and they really liked it. That night, Elder Fuller and I had to drop off a bike and suitcases of an elder that goings to the Marquises islands this week. It was pretty late at night and we got soaked because it was pouring rain and we had to stop and tie down the bike several times because it kept falling over. It was exciting to say the least.

Saturday, Elder Fuller and I had an interesting experience. We were trying to teach some kids and behind us there was a group of adults who were drunk out of their minds. They had been drinking for about 7 hours. So while we were teaching, one of the drunk guys came over and crouched down in front of us and then started babbling nonsense about religion. He kept touching my leg and he spat in my face multiple times, on accident, but still super gross. I consider myself a nice gentle person but I wanted to hurt this dude. We finally got him to go away, but then another drunk dude came over. This guy wasn't as drunk but still. He was an inactive member from Ahe. We told him to drop the beer and leave but he wouldn't. He told us we didn't understand because we were too young. As we were trying to get him to go away when the first drunk guy came back. At this point, I was really fed up so Elder Fuller and I left and just went home to calm down. 

Alright so I usually don't go off on schpeels during my letters but this experience had a very large effect on me. There was at least 4 or 5 adults drinking and they were all parents and they had their kids there with them. This made me so sad. They sat around all day smoking and drinking and negelcting their kids. It's so hard not get angry. I kind of understand how Alma felt when he talks about wanting the voice of an angel. I felt the same way. I wanted to yell at these parents! I wanted them to see what they were doing to their children. I understand a little bit more the verse where Jesus says its better for someone to drown in the ocean than to hurt a child. I understand just a little bit more of how he feels when parents neglect or abuse their children. 

This experience made me appreciate so much more the parents I have. I know I took them for granted. I know that I didn't understand or appreciate how blessed I am to have the parents I have. Its hard to describe but I'm very grateful for parents that raised me well, that weren't perfect but did the best they could. I'm grateful for parents who never give up in life and never give up on me. And I'm grateful for parents who knew how to say NO and didn't let me do stupid things. I see so many teenagers here who do nothing but smoke and drink and steal. And I wish with all my soul that they would wake up and hear our teachings and realize what true happiness is and can be! In the end though, all we can do is show love, extend the hand of fellowship and keep teaching to anyone who will listen. My heart is full. 

I love you all! have a good week. Talk to you Sunday!

Elder Cole Porter

Random pic. We had to sing in church. This is our practice. I'm the second to the end on the far right.
Zone conference
Me being the "French" translator because our senior couple instructors only spoke English.

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