Friday, May 13, 2016

Time is winding down

Hey Everyone,

First off I would like to wish a happy Mother's day to everyone especially my mom!

It was great talking to my family on skype yesterday. It's so strange to think I'll be home in 3 short months. Time has gone by so fast. On one hand I never want to leave my mission and on the other, I'm excited to come home and head up to BYU to start the next chapter of my life.

This week was pretty good. It wasn't the most successful week but we had some good things happen. Tuesday night, Elder Fuller and I got to make salad for a Multi-Zone Conference. We went to a members house and some sisters helped us cut lettuce, grate carrots, and slice cucumbers. We probably made like 10 pounds of salad. IT was really good. Definitely the best part of the whole meal. 

Saturday night, we got to eat with a couple. The wife is an inactive member and her husband is Catholic and from the Marquesas islands. When we got there, her husband was just slightly drunk. He has a long ponytail and a giant beard. The food was really good and we had a fun conversation. It turns out that, the husband is very smart and he had some really good religion questions. We discussed the Joseph Smith story and even though he was slightly drunk, he understood it very well. We'll see him again this week. His daughter, who's an active member, was very happy because this is the first time he's accepted the lessons. We'll see what happens. 

We also had a lesson with a new investigator named Olivier and his wife Fanny. We had a really good lesson about the Restoration. The husband is a little interesting but he's really nice. His wife I believe will be our best potential. She already knows its true because she came to church when she was younger. 

Anyways, Thats about it! Happy Mother's Day again! See y'all next week!

Elder Cole Porter

Me and elder fuller with some investigators.
Me, chopping lettuce. I just noticed that sister is watching me very intently. She's not sure of my skills!
Picture nonsense!!!

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