Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jesus is the Christ.

Hey Everyone! How's it going?! I'm doing well. 

This week passed by very quickly. We had a pretty fun week. We finished off the week yesterday with the missionary concert here at Paea. There was a pretty good turnout. The singing wasn't the best we've done so far, but the Spirit was there anyways. 

We had normal lessons this week. We had a lesson with Hina, a teenage girl. Someone gave her a "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet. We discussed it because she had a couple of questions. At the end, she accepted the need for rules and said she'd follow them....even the modesty rules! AHHH yeah!

On saturday we had a cool experience. I was doing a split with Elder Chion Hock, who's from the Reunion Islands. We had a couple lessons in the morning and then went to a contacting activity for the sisters of Temarua. Elder Chion Hock and I found a couple of references for the sisters. We both felt as if we should go back down the road and talk to this one drunk guy we saw. We found out that he was a member and that he lived with his brother who's also inactive. We went to go visit his brother but couldn't find him. SO we asked these two kids who were standing by and asked if they had seen the guy. They said no but then directed our attention to the members' 2 kids who were walking up the road. We went to talk to his kids. Turns out, neither of them are baptized and they are interested in taking lessons. SWEET!! We gave the golden reference to the sisters and hopefully we should see a baptism here pretty soon for them! 

We had a very interesting sacrament meeting yesterday. Members used time meant to bear sincere simple testimony to talk about their problems with other members and to let everyone else know that they were offended. And then other people told stories for like 15 min that had no doctrine or testimony in it. That was our sacrament meeting. Luckily our bishop and stake president were there to correct some errors. I wanted to get up and just read Spencer W Kimball's message found in this months Liahona/Ensign about testimonies. Testimonies should be brief, heartfelt statements about what someone believes or knows. The Spirit only testifies, if we testify. If we don't testify, the Spirit will not be there and no one will be edified or taught. 

I would just like to testify that I know Jesus is the Christ. That he is Jehovah, the Son Of God, and the Savior of the world. I know he loves us and I know he hears our prayers. This is the true church of God upon the earth. 

I love you all! Have a great week!!!
Elder Cole Porter

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