Sunday, December 28, 2014


So I'm going to try and write a big email. Things have been good here in Faaripo, firstly, I had fafaru for the first time…it was just straight death! It literally, and i mean literally, smelled exactly like  a sceptic tank… like the exact same smell…they're indistinguishable. The taste was alright but it was overall terrible. Fafaru is raw fish that's marinated in fermented sea water (doesn't that sound delicious?) We had the stake christmas party over the weekend and it was crazy, loads of food and lots of dancing. I heard the cupid shuffle yesterday so that was weird. Mom will be happy to know that I played my Christmas piano medley once and now people keep requesting me to play it over and over again! Every time we're at the church someone asks me to play it. And they told me I'm the 4th "back-up" piano player. So if 4 other people ahead of me get sick then I have to play the piano in church. So let's pray that doesn't happen! It rains everyday so I'm in a constant state of being moist or wet, but Tahiti is awesome! I don't got lots of time but everythings good here! I teach a lot of lessons, mostly to people who are inactive or excommunicated. Okay well thats about it…I'll  try to send pictures. Love You All.

View of the ocean (from my house)
A stream near our house.

The ocean is really choppy right now because it's the rainy season.

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