Tuesday, December 9, 2014


So this week has been crazy! I'm in a small branch on Tahiti called Faaripo! My comps name is Elder Langlois!! He's from New Caledonia and he's a bear of a man!! I live in a small house next to a chapel with three other missionaries and its super dirty so I did a bunch of cleaning today! Also no one speaks English except one other missionary in the house! The bishop here in Faaripo calls me Harry Potter cause apparently  Porter and Potter sound similar....My house is twenty feet away from the beach and there's just a giant cliff face behind it. I didnt have a lot of lessons this past week because a lot of missionaries including my comp became sick with some sort of virus from mosquitoes....so I stayed back alot at the house...however once or twice I went with the elders quorum president and did visits...however I don't remember who I visited or what happened cause it was all in Tahitian. The ward here is super nice and it's so beautiful.I'm not able to send pictures cause it won't work with the computer/wifi here, but I will next week!! Oh, it's also extremely humid and I've been bitten by ants a billion times but those are the only downsides! I play a lot of rugby and I nod my head and say yes to every question. That's about it for this week cause I don't have a lot of time....I love you all and thanks for the support!!! See ya next week!!

Me and my new comp Elder Langlois (I was more concerned about the ocean rushing up behind us, than I was about how creepy my smile would look. Hence.....creepy smile.)

Our last day at the MTC...
All of us fresh off the plane with our new comps....

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