Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years Eve and Chikungunya

Hey Everybody!! Happy  New Years! Ia oaoa i te matahiti api! Bonne Annee! Alright, this week has been really slow. I'm still recovering from Chikungunya and I probably slept for most of the week...but I'm feeling good now. We didn't have any lessons this week because of "Le Fete" which just means the party. Everyone pretty much closes down shop for two weeks and does nothing. It was a good week to be sick. For new years eve we went to Team Feelings house and had a big Faatamaaraa...the food was super good! "Team Feeling" is this really popular musician in Tahiti. And "Faatamaaraa" is kind of like a missionary feeding calendar, when members sign up to feed us. Afterwards we went back to the house and my comp had bought some fireworks (unbeknownst to me)and so they shot some fireworks off. New years day we had a faatamaaraa at this house in the middle of the jungle and they fed me Fafaru again...yum...it wasn't as bad this time but it's still rotten sewer fish!! Afterwards we rode our bikes down this mountain road for like 20 minutes! It was so cool!! We had to cross a stream and it was seriously in the middle of the jungle. So cool!!! 

Alright, so Saturday night I woke up to dogs barking at like midnight. Then I heard the doors slam at the chapel and then someone was banging on our door! My comp woke up and told me to be quiet and then we woke the other elders. It turns out someone broke into the chapel next to our house and then knocked on our door for some reason...weird. It's all good now though because there's nothing of worth in the chapel or our house.

Yesterday I taught the gospel priciples class by myself. My comp left in the middle of it and so I just kind of taught about faith for like 30-40 min, by myself, in a language I don't really speak, but it was good!! I really felt the gift of tongues yesterday, especially when someone in the class talked or asked a question.

Alright well thats all for this week! Love you all!! Thanks for all you do!!

-- Elder Cole Porter

Team Feeling...

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