Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Hey everybody! This week went by super fast! We got Standards of Excellence again, but barely. It took all Saturday to find one more new investigator. We had a lot of really cool lessons this week. We have a fixed baptism for this saturday and he's doing awesome. During a lesson this week he asked us if he could come with us to lessons and bear his  testimony to the other investigators. How cool is that!! He's not even baptized yet and he already wants to share the gospel. We met another investigator who was super interested in the Bible and Book of Mormon! We gave him a Book of Mormon and some brochures and he's been reading alot. People are rarely this excited for the Book Of Mormon. A lot of our investigators are doing awesome and its cool to see how much the gospel changes people!
So I didn't have any super spiritual exp√©riences to share this week, but since its Mother's Day I'll try to be emotional instead, since I know my mom likes that. I rarely cry during lessons, however, it has happened before. The only time I really tear up is when we talk about the sealing power of the temple. I have a strong testimony of that. When we teach about the temple I usually start off by telling the investigators about how my two little sisters are adopted and how I got to go to the temple to watch them be sealed to my parents. The spirit witnesses to me, and hopefully those I teach, that these things are true and I tear up when I express my gratitude for the temple. And for the blessing of being sealed to my sisters and family forever. Happy Mother's Day Mom. This is the best present I could think of. 

Elder Porter

    My sisters.

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