Monday, May 4, 2015

Standards of excellence.....with lots of hard work!

So this week was killer! We got Standards of Excellence again.....with a lot of hard work of course! Our ami (investigator) with a fixed baptism had his interview yesterday and he's good to go! He's progressed so much! He went from doubting prophets and the book of Mormon to testifying of them to other investigators! His baptism is the 16 of May. We are so excited! We also found a new investigator yesterday. His name is Teanuanua. He accepted the lessons readily and within the first five minutes he looked at our badges, saw the name of Jesus Christ and then told us that the Mormon church is the true church because its the only church that bears Christs name!!!! How cool this that? He knew just by the name that this is the true church. 

The other day we met a lady who worked in a boutique store. She's a Sanito or member of the Reorganized church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She told us she went to BYU Hawaii for college and has had all the missionary lessons! She was super nice and wants us to teach her boyfriend. So cool! 

We had a faatamaaraa, or meal, with a member family. It was really good fish and he told us that his family has a secret way to prepare and cook Fugu or blowfish. Its really hard to prepare because of the poisonous sack in the stomach but his family are the masters of preparing and cooking Fugu and he promised to make us some!!! 

Yesterday we met some tourists from my home town of Mesa! They were on a cruise. The husband taught Seminary at Gilbert High School. I think his name was Brother Welsh or Welch. They were really nice but it was weird and difficult to speak English. 

Love you All!!! Talk to you soon!!!!
Elder Porter

Me and our investigator Noarii at the marina right after a lesson.

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