Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Crazy Transfers

Hey everyone!! So this week has been awesome! We got transfer calls the other day. Our stake President requested that Elder Heno and I stay in this area so our mission President decided to split the area. Elder Heno will take the Arue part and I will take the Pirae section. My new comp will be a new missionary. He arrives tonight! I'm really excited for this opportunity to do a lot of work!

So we've been focusing on Taaroa and Bertie this week! Their baptism is this Friday. They hit a couple snags with the marriage but we prayed for them and it all worked out. They are super strong! They read the scriptures every day and they understand this gospel better than anyone I've ever taught! I can't wait to see where they'll be in a year.

We also worked a lot with the Moux family. They are so close to baptism. We invited them to fast with us Sunday and they did. We fasted so they could receive an answer to their prayers and know whether or not they should get baptized. The fast went really good! They felt the Spirit really strongly. We're going to see this Thursday if they'll pick a date for baptism.

Yesterday at church, we talked a lot about fasting. I learned so much. For me fasting has 2 purposes. The first purpose is to make us weak. When we are weak or tired or without energy, we are more susceptible to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. We can more easily recognize the Holy Ghost and revelation becomes clearer. The second reason is to give fast offerings. The Lord wants to bless us but its necessary that we act before we receive the blessing. In helping others, God is more willing to help us. For me, these two reasons are why we fast. Becoming more in tune with the Spirit, and helping others so that in turn we too will be blessed.

I love you all!! Have a good week!!!

Elder Porter


Group of investigators and members at a Va'a race (va'a is like canoes racing but in the ocean! its super cool!!!) the big muscular dude with the beard and long hair next to me is Taaroa, he's getting baptized this week. When his hair is down he looks like Jesus from the Bible videos)
Elder Heno standing outside our house.
The outside view of our chapel

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