Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Crazy weather

Hey everyone,
So this week was interesting for us. The weather was crazy. The temperature got into the 90s which compared to Arizona doesn't seem that hot but combined with Pacific island humidity, its killer. On Saturday, it rained super hard! We all got soaked that day! I'm pretty sure there were some parts of Tahiti that were hit with overflowing rivers and mud slides. 

So last Monday, We were filmed by a TV crew! We sung 3 Christmas songs and it will be broadcast Christmas Eve to all of Tahiti. And as a Christmas gift to my Mother, they put me smack dab in the middle and I was literally forced to smile for like 3 hours! My worst nightmare, my mom's dream come true.

This week the work was a little slow because the vacation has started. During vacation times in Tahiti everyone goes away on a "vacation"! I guess they don't realize they live in PARADISE!? We are helping Karine prepare for her baptism for the 25th. She officially confirmed that she is ready and she's been making efforts to obey the word of wisdom! she's progressed a lot! Her son is serving a mission in Canada and he's apparently very very happy that she's getting baptized! We are really proud of her! 

This week was probably also the week where I worked the hardest! We walked about 70 km this last week, which is about 43 miles. I've never been so tired. The crazy part is that we didn't have an amazing amount of lessons or new investigators. It took a lot of work to accomplish the little things this week but it was worth it. We have a lot of investigators who progress towards baptism. And I pray they will accept the gospel and be baptized.

That's it for the week. Love you all!

Elder Porter
Our zone 
Eating lunch
Stormy skies over the temple
Gingerbread house

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