Friday, January 29, 2016

Relying on the Lord

Hey Everyone, 
So this week was interesting. First off, we got a call Saturday night from the assistants, Elder Edmunds is getting transferred to tavararo in the stake of Faaa. My new comp is Elder Barlow. I don't really know anything about him yet except that he arrived with Elder Isabell (my first son). This should be a fun transfer.

So this week, the work went pretty good. Anoun has been progressing really well. She had her interview with the Zone leaders and she passed. She's really excited to be baptized and the ward has done an awesome job of making her feel welcome. She's also invited a lot of non member friends and members of her family who are inactive. Her baptism is this Wednesday and it should be really special. 

We found a new family this week. Its someone we already talked to before. We thought they were inactive but it turns out that the dad and two of the kids are not baptized. We started teaching them and its been fun. The dad doesn't really speak or understand French all that well so we have to go with members who speak Tahitian really well so he'll understand. They have a son named Junior who's really smart and who loves the lessons. He's really motivated to read and pray and come to church. Luckily there's a really nice couple who knows the family so they're in charge of bringing the two kids to church. 

If there is one thing I learned this week, it is how utterly powerless and useless I am without the Lord. I realized this week that everyday I have to rely on the Lords help. I have to plead with him to protect me and help me overcome my trials and weaknesses. The Lord will show unto us our weaknesses so we can be made humble, so that we can rely on Him and through his grace be made strong again. I'm very grateful for the Lord and for his patience towards me. 

I love you all. Have a good week!! 
Elder Cole Porter

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