Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mission Christmas party

Hey Everyone 

Hows it going in Gilbert? Christmas was a blast here. So the Christmas Party for the Mission was so much fun. We watched a movie, played games, and i got a panda bear for my white elephant gift! Swag! Elder Heno and I also got to visit some old investigators! 

I got to Skype my family on Friday which was awesome! My mom cried a lot but that can't be helped. The Wifi worked really well, which has never happened in all our skyping sessions so that was a plus! 

Then We had the baptism of Karine. She's the woman we've been teaching who's son is on a mission in Canada. And because of his weekly emails home, her heart was softened and she allowed us to teach her. Pretty Much the entire ward showed up which was really cool to see. Even President Bize came! It was so special.

Afterwards, Elder Heno, Packer, Edmunds and I went to eat at the Tani's house in Pirae. They're a family that elder Heno and I taught when we were in the Pirae sector.  It was awesome to see them again. They made some delicious food! and then we lit some chinese lanterns that worked perfectly! 

I was incredibly sick on Saturday actually! I was pretty much confined to my bed all day! oh joy! That was fun, but Saturday night was even better! We had a super mega huge dinner with a family in the ward. I have never seen so much food! There was....just to name a few things, cigale (which is like a big locust), lobster, crab, raw chinese fish, raw coconut fish, sashimi, steak, chicken,  tuna kebabs, MekaMeka kebabs, pasta, fries, fafaru (which was extremely delicious), taro, po'e banane, roasted pork, and dessert! Crazy right?! It was so good! Afterwards we all drank some Martinellis! super classy!

Anyways! This week was good, notwithstanding my being sick and all. I was really grateful to be a part of Karine's baptism. I can't imagine how her son must feel. I was just really happy to be able to help!  I love you all! Have a awesome new years!!!

Elder Cole Porter

Me and my old comp Elder Isabell at the Christmas partyKarine and my comp Elder Edmunds.

Christmas dinner with the Tani family
The mega huge dinner with a family in our ward!

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