Saturday, November 22, 2014

Two weeks until Tahiti!

This week has been just like every week!! a lot of studying and a lot and a lot of excitement cause we only have two weeks left!!! 
I've been trying a new thing to push myself. I'll pick one scripture a day and memorize it in all three languages. Its been really hard but also really can learn a lot about language by studying the scriptures. These next two weeks are just going to be language review and I have a lot of questions about Tahitian! I'm so excited to speak it in the field! Next week is Thanksgiving and we're all pretty sure we're gonna have an apostle speak to us....its protocol basically. This week during personal study I've been reading John and my favorite story so far is in John 9 where Jesus heals a man born blind....its such a cool story and the bible video for it is super well made!! I love watching it!!! Well my email next week will be a little bigger cause Friday we get our travel plans and we'll know when we're gonna be leaving! I love you ALL!! Thanks for the support!!! 

Love Elder Porter

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