Monday, February 16, 2015


So transfers were this week. My companion, Elder Langlois, got sent to Punaauia to be companions with Elder Brunet (my buddy from the MTC). My new comp will be Elder Warren!! He's from Texas and he's been at this tiny island in the middle of nowhere called Hao. I'm pretty sure he's fluent in Tahitian! I hope he's ready to get to work because we are going to be really busy this week! There's already 9 lessons planned for tomorrow and our goal is 30 overall for this week! We also want 3 new investigators. We have a few people who are very willing to work with us!

We didn't have too many lessons this week. A lot of this week was spent planning and preparing to work really hard this week! A lot of contacting and calling and engaging.

Saturday was Valentines Day and the Papeno'o  ward threw a big party! They played some really funny games. There was also really good food and awesome music!

Yesterday we did a tour of Papeno'o and Faaripo so that Elder Langlois and Elder Tama could say goodbye to all of the investigators and members. They were given so many necklaces!! I also ate so much fish yesterday. Poisson Crue (Tahitian salad) is the best!!! It's raw fish marinated in citrus juice and coconut milk.

One thing I learned this week was the immensity of the sacrifice Christ made for us. His sacrifice was so grand and so difficult. He paid for everything and he's willing to forgive us of all our debts. All He asks is that we keep His commandments. What he asks in return is infinitely small compared what He went through. 

I love you all!!! Thanks for all you do!!!!

Elder Cole Porter

Faaripo Ward party pictures....

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