Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Righteous fury

Hey Everybody!!!

This week was good. We've had a lot of improvement in our numbers so that's awesome.

There was one interesting thing that happened this week. The
investigator that we've worked with the longest is named Tumata. She
wants to get baptized but she lives with her boyfriend they aren't married. We have invited them to
get married but they keep procrastinating. It's very frustrating. I
invited them in December to pray about it and they still hadn't done it this last
Tuesday when we met with them. So there are two techniques we could
have used...very nice flattery and pleading or....to cry repentance
and bring down righteous fury. We chose the second. We hit them with
every soul cutting scripture we could find. I love this family very
much but they are a little lazy. They both know they need to get married
so the girlfriend can get baptized. The boyfriend is a member, but he's inactive and
wants to put off marriage for as long as possible. Tumata wants
marriage but Jean-Claude made up every excuse in the book. We shot
down each excuse until he couldnt deny it anymore. So we left them to
pray about marriage and hopefully we'll see a difference by this next
lesson. Elder Warren and I brought our game faces to that lesson. The Spirit
was the strongest I've felt here. It was awesome.

Anyways, that's about it. Elder Warren and I are hoping to see high
numbers this week and we're gonna work super hard to achieve them.
We have an Awesome companionship!!!

Love you all!!! Talk to you all next week.

Orometua Porter

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