Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Working hard

Hey everybody!!!

I don't have a lot of time but I want you all to know that this week
was super awesome!!! Its one of the most successful weeks this area
has seen in a very long time! We found 5 new investigators and some of
them have the potential to be baptized very soon! It was such a busy
week and the most lessons we've ever had!! And This week should be equal
or even better!!!

We also had the baptism for Rarani on Saturday! She was excommunicated
and we helped her alot. The baptism was awesome and she was very
happy. I was so excited!! Her and her husband have also been helping 
us to find new investigators!

Elder Warren and I have worked super hard this week and it was amazing to
see the efforts. I hope this week will be just as good!!!

Elder Warren also gave me a haircut that my mom would absolutely HATE, but us missionaries just have to make do being our own barbers!

I love you all!!!! Thanks for all you do and for all the support!!

Love Elder Porter

Me and Elder Warren witnessing Rarani's baptism

Rarani and her husband
Food after the baptism.

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