Monday, March 30, 2015


So not a lot happened this week. We had a good amount of lessons and
we found some new investigators. This week will be tough though because
it's vacation for the schools and everyones leaving. We have 3-4
investigators who will be gone. We fasted with Teahi this last week. 
He was able to go 24 hours without smoking. It was awesome. 
His baptism will be next Monday. The power of fasting is amazing.

Last night I got a call from the assistants and it was for my
transfer. They told me I am going to Rangiroa!! It's part of the Tuamotu islands. My new comp 
will be Elder White who just finished as assistant. Rangiroa is the biggest
atoll in the world. An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef including a coral rim that encircles a 
lagoon partially or completely. It's about 214 miles away from Tahiti. 
We have to fly there. There are two branches and they're on opposite
sides of each other. The whole island of Tahiti can fit inside the
lagoon. There are only two missionaries there and I'm pretty sure
there's a boat there just for the missionaries to travel from each
side. Its the paradise of Tahiti. Its one of the prettiest islands. If you go to google maps and
type "rangiroa" and then look at in satellite mode you'll see what an atoll looks like. It's 
Crazy to think people actually live on these.
I'm so excited to leave. But I'm going to miss elder warren and the ward here.

Anyways thats about it. I love you all. Talk to you guys next week!

Elder Cole Porter

Rangiroa from the sky.

Another map of French Polynesia. I'll be in the Tuamotu islands. On the atoll of Rangiroa

Aerial view of Rangiroa. You can see how it's a giant ring of coral land surrounded by the ocean,
Both inside and out.

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