Monday, March 2, 2015

New investigators!

Bonjour Tout le Monde! Hi everybody!
This week was awesome!!!! We weren't incredibly busy but we were incredibly productive and we got some of the best numbers that this area has had in a long time!! We found out Tuesday that an excommunicated member that we've taught for 4 months is getting baptized this Saturday! Her name is Rarani. It's not technically an investigator baptism but I'm going to count it because We've taught her a billion lessons about the Word of Wisdom and she said (and I don't mean to brag but) that we helped her overcome her smoking addiction. It was amazing to hear. Then on Wednesday we taught a giant lesson to 1 inactive member, 2 excommunicated members, and 2 new investigators!! And the 2 investigators were really interested and they agreed to read the book of mormon! One investigator is called Ismaëla and she's about 25 and she's catholic and very nice. The other new "ami" (its french for investigator) is called Moeata and she's 10 and she came to church Sunday! Then on Friday we had such a cool lesson! While on splits we contacted a man named Cédric Vidal. His wifes in the relief society presidency. So we had a lesson on friday and we learned that he's a permanent jurist in theTahitian  business court, then he teaches business classes at the university, and he's studying right now for his PHD! He's also an avid surfer and paddle boarder! At the very beginning of the lesson he told us that he's very willing to get baptized if he feels that this Church is true. He also told us he only likes mormon missionaries and he feels that our Church has blessed his family so much because his wife and daughter are members. He told us how much he loved the Tahiti Papeete Temple Open House and that he recieved the most powerful feelings in the temple! He's so prepared! We had an awesome lesson with him and then he agreed to go to Church next sunday cause its the primary program and his daughter will be in it! Elder Warren and I were so happy to here that! One of the coolest lessons so far!!!! We also have 5 people who agreed to do lessons with us this week!!!! I'm so excited!!!!
I love you all!!!! I'm so happy to be a missionary here in paradise!!
Love Elder Porter

Elder Warren, Rarani, and Me

Elder Warren, Elder Langlois, Rarani's husband, Rarani, and me

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