Monday, April 20, 2015

Everything is Awesome!!

Just Hey everybody...;.my grammar and spelling are gonna be terrible cause I don't have a lot of time!!!

This week has been awesome!!! We achieved standards of excellence which are number goals you try to get. We had 14 lessons, 2 fixed baptisms, 6 new investigators and, 8 investigators at church! It was awesome! We have one investigator right now who is super ready to get baptized. He only needs one thing, a witness that Joseph Smith is a prophet. That's something we can help with!! He's awesome!
We had one really cool lesson with a mom and her two daughters. The lesson was mostly for the two girls but the mom decided to join. At the end of the lesson she started crying because she has had a lot of struggles lately and she's really wanted the presence of Christ in her home! The Spirit was really strong and the two daughters started crying! The dad is inactive but he was touched by our visit and the family made the member friend promise to bring them to church the next day!! It was such a testimony building experience for me. 

 I don't think I've ever worked harder in my entire life than I have this week! We discovered that to get from one side of the village to the other side is about 18 kilometers and we ride that 3-5 times a week! Back and forth! It's tiring but soooo worth it! Especially when you get to look at the ocean or eat raw fish for dinner!!!! That's the best!!! I LOVE the food here.

P.S. This will make my mom and dad laugh. When I arrived on the island last week, everyone knew me immediately as the elder who can play piano. My comp, Elder white, had told them before I arrived so they were all waiting for me!!! Apparently there hasn't been anyone to play the piano in over a guess who's the branch pianist in both branches?!?! For years I complained when my mom asked me to practice the piano. She told me that I would probably need to know how to play on my mission. I didn't believe her. Big mistake!!!

Love you all,
Elder Cole Porter

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