Tuesday, April 7, 2015

General Conference and saying goodbye to faaripo.

Ia'ora'na Tatou

Hows it goin? Everythings going good here in Faaripo. I'm leaving
tomorrow afternoon for Rangiroa! I'm so excited. I've gone through
this whole week in nervous anticipation. I can't wait to start working

This week was a little dissappointing number wise. Almost all of our
investigators were out of town. It was extremely difficult to get a
lesson. However we did have one or two really awesome lessons.
Firstly, Tumata and Jean-Claude finally picked a marriage date. They
are planning on getting married the 21st of July! Now we can finally
plan the baptism.
We also had a lesson with Janita and her family. Some of her daughters
are investigators and her niece is our other baptism, Moeata. I told
them I was leaving and so they made us a big lunch. It was so nice!!
I'm going to miss that family.
Today we fasted for Yanki so that he can receive the okay to get
baptized. He's an awesome man and we ate super good bbq chicken at his
house. He's helped us learn a lot of Tahitian because we do lessons
with him in tahitian.
I loved listening to conference!! It was kind of difficult getting to
hear it in English but it was worth it. I loved the talk by Henry
Eyring during priesthood about prayer. I think sometimes I
underestimate the power and importance of prayer. I love the promise
in D&C 10:5 that promises us protection from Satan if we pray always.
Personally, I need to learn to pray more fervently and more frequently
so as to be better protected and better guided by the Spirit.
 I love you all. 

Talk to you all
next week from rangiroa.

Me and Elder Warren. I'm going to miss him. He's been an amazing companion.

My district 

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