Tuesday, April 14, 2015


So I'm basically in heaven here. Rangiroa is so beautiful!! The water is so clear and there's so much life. We walked to a part of the beach and in the water I saw crabs, parrot fish and all sorts of tropical fish, sharks, and sting rays..its awesome. So I don't really know the investigators that well yet so I'm just going to describe what its like here. 

Firstly there are coconut trees everywhere!!! Like everywhere! Secondly, you can see the ocean basically at all times. You are never more than 10 min away from the ocean. Thirdly, it's extremely hot here and the sun is intense! Lastly there is a lot of biking!!! 

There are three main parts to Rangiroa. There's the village of avatoru where mostly everyone lives. There's stores there and the airports there and the chapel too. Then there's Ohotu where the big docks are and the taxi boat. A lot of members and investigators live in Ohotu. Then there's tiputa which is entirely separated by ocean. You can only get there by boat. There's a branch there with their own chapel. We take a boat to get there and visit the branch.

We live at one end of Avatoru....it takes half an hour to bike to the other end where ohotu starts....then its another half hour to get to where people live in Ohotu....then its a five minute boat ride to get to Tiputa which is another half hour to bike across...a lot of cardio...everyone here loses weight! 

So for personal study this week I've been reading Jesus the Christ...and I love it so much! I've learned a lot from reading this book!!! Something I noticed that I haven't thought of before was how in the book Of Mormon its very easy to see the pride cycle. The people get rich and then think they're better than everyone else and then they fall. But its not as evident in the old Testament. In Jesus the Christ it talks about the Jewish pride and how they thought they were better than everyone else because they were the chosen people of God. They hated all other peoples and were then recipricolly despised. Sometimes Pride takes different forms and we have to be careful to stay away from it all times.

Anyway thats about it...the members here are awesome and its amazing here!!! My new companion is Elder White and he is the best!!!! Love you ALL!!!!

I took this picture as the sun was setting. I'm no photographer but this pic is beautiful. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to take a bad picture here!!!

Picture of how crystal blue the water is here.

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