Monday, April 27, 2015

Tons and Tons of biking!!!

Alright so this week was super tiring! We did so much biking!!! We had to go to the other end of our sector six times this week!! Plus me and Elder White have been sick. There's another weird sickness going around and we got it. It's not chikingunya though. I've never worked so hard or been so tired! But we had a killer week, lesson wise! We made standards of excellence again this week which was awesome! So tuesday we were super sick and extremely tired, So it was rough, but we had 5 lessons planned that day and we did them all! Not a single person canceled which is a flat out miracle! Then Wednesday....still sick and tired....5 lessons cancellations! We were amazed! Thursday was our day of planning, studies, and rest because we were exhausted. We then had to ride back to the other end of the sector Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Saturday we had a primary baptism of a kid named Nephie. He wanted Elder White to baptize him and me to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was an amazing experience! This week was sort of uneventful, just a lot of biking and some good lessons. One of our favorite lessons this week was with a couple who are very adventist! We had a really cool lesson with them about prophets and the original church of Jesus Christ. They just need to know how to find the true church because there are - major churches in Rangiroa; Mormons,  catholics, protestants, Jehovahs witness, Adventists, and Sanitos ( Sanitos are the nickname for members of the Reorganized church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For some reason that church has a super strong presence in French polynesia!) Anyways We had a very spiritual experience with them and we hope to show them the true characterisitcs of the true church of Christ!

I love you all! Talk to you next week!!!

Elder White, Nephie, and Me
Elder White walking Nephie out to be baptized. 
Baptism in paradise!!
Umm...just to freak my mom out...this is a shark feeding frenzy. Look real close at the pic and see how many sharks you count.
Random hermit crab. I named him "buddy".

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