Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Heartbreak and Obedience

So this week was pretty crazy. A lot of stuff has happened in this sector. 

So on Tuesday we got a visit from the Assistants. Elders Heno and Pou were transferred to Papeete 1. They replaced the Sisters that were there and now Elder Heno is the director of the visitors center at the temple. He's the First elder to be in charge of it. So now its only Elder Isabell and I here in the ward. This week will be spent contacting all the investigators of the other elders.

 3 crazy things happenned this week (some good and some heartbreaking) I'll go through all of them. 

SO on Thursday, we were at Taaroa and Berties (our investigators) house doing a lesson with one of their neighbors. There was this lady, from Morris Island, who was there and was leaving to return home. She had stayed 3 years in Tahiti and the neighborhood was throwing a party for her. She came and sat by us while were talking to Taaroa and Bertie's neighbor, And all of a sudden she exploded. She was telling us how we try to sell bibles and take from the poor and how we preach but we don't bring food or money for the investigators. For about half an hour she ranted about why God doesn't exist and why we are wrong. It was quite interesting. We tried reasoning with her but it was impossible because as it turns out she was "taero roa" which means super super drunk! Pretty much everyone heard her and we had no idea how to stop her. Eventually she stopped and left. We decided to finish the lesson, but I wanted to try and bring the spirit back if possible. I decided to sing a song before leaving. So together we all sung, and Loudly too I might add, " I am a Child of God". She almost lost it again but luckily someone stopped her. 

We have 2 investigators named Taaroa and Bertie. I've talked about this couple a lot! They have been going so strong. We've been waiting for a birth certificate so they can get married but something happened yesterday. I got a call around 7 from Taaroa telling me he wasn't coming to church. Then about 30 minutes later he called me again and told me that He and Bertie had had a huge argument and that they are no longer together. He then told me to cancel the marriage and the baptisms. I was stunned. I had no idea what had happened. I told our Bishop and he told me to go visit them after church. All through church I was worried about them. After church We stop at their house to check up on them. We discover that Taaroa took all his things and left...like completely. Bertie was really sad. We tried comforting her and she told us that she hasn't lost her faith in the Savior and that she is going to be baptized alone if she has too. I was really proud of her. We are hoping to maybe talk to Taaroa this week but he has completely disappeared. We're praying we can find him. I know that Satan will do everything in his power to prevent God's children from moving forward. Satan doesn't want us to change our hearts and lives. He doesn't want us to be happy. And he especially doesn't want us to get baptized. Please pray for Taaroa and Bertie.

So something positive that happened was with the Moux family. They have been taught for about 10 months now. I've talked about them a lot too. They're the ones who have a son on a mission, but they're not members. They both have a testimony but they want to wait to get married on april 6 and no one can convince the husband otherwise (remember how I told you that Tahitians have this strong belief in "special dates"? April 6th is their sons bday and they think it'll be more special if they wait to get married and baptized on that date)!!! SO thursday we went over there and we talked for a bit. While we were talking to them I got a call from the stake President. He wanted to join us. The Moux's said yes so the stake president drove over. We started talking about marriage and I had an idea about what I should say. I prayed for guidance and started talking. I don't think I've ever born a more sincere or powerful testimony. I told them that being obedient is good, but it isn't effective if our intent behind our obedience is wrong. I told them that by waiting to be baptized on April 6th, they're showing that they want to obey, but on their terms. God doesn't want our obedience if He doesn't have our hearts. And I told them that by choosing to be baptized now, they'll be showing their love and appreciation for the gift of the Atonement and Jesus Christ. The Spirit was really strong and they agreed to be baptized and married on the 10th of November! I was so happy!! And The ward was super happy too!!

Anyways thats about It!!! I love you all!! Have a good week!!!!

Elder Porter

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