Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Deja Vu

Hey everyone. So, Surprise..... I got transferred in the middle of the week....and my new sector is.....Papeete 2....the sector I was literally just in. Elder Barlow, my old comp, and i just switched places. Everyone is kind of surprised because getting transferred back to an old sector here is super rare. President called me and said he just had a feeling that I was suppose to be in Papeete for my last month, so here I am! I am literally right back where I was a few months ago, Same area, same Ward, same house (back living with the AP's). The only thing new is my comp, Elder Langomazino. 

I was able to say goodbye to the members of the Orofero Ward before I left so I was happy about that. 

All of the Papeete members were really surprised and happy to see me yesterday at Church. The ward has been doing awesome since I left. They are already at a total of 30 convert baptisms for the year which is the highest in the mission. The work is going really well here! The ward leaders and members are highly motivated and are working hard. Its awesome to see their dedication. 

We have some cool investigators that I didn't know before and we have a good week planned ahead of us. 

I have 30 days left!! I got my travel itinerary. I fly out of Tahiti on August 18 @11:00pm and then I arrive in Phoenix on August 19th @4:30pm

Thats about it. I've only been here a day so I don't have any stories yet. I'm sure to have some next week though! I love you all!! have a good week!!!

Elder Cole Porter

Me and my new comp Elder Langomazino.

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