Wednesday, July 13, 2016

French/Tahitian Parade. Oh Yeah!!!

Hey everyone!! Hows it going? This week was super fun! We had some cool experiences. 

First OFF!!! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! Being in a foreign country has really helped me appreciate the awesomeness of AMERICA!! Happy birthday Liberty!

Wednesday, we got to participate in the big Tahitian parade. Tahiti was celebrating "Fete de l'autonomie", It's like their independence day. The lds missionaries were asked to participate and Wallin the parade. We had to stand out in the sun for like 3 hours just to walk for like 5 seconds....but it was cool. It gave the missionaries good exposure. President Bize was very happy with it. That's pretty much all we did on Wednesday.

So Monday night, we did a lesson with a new investigator. It's a lady and Her boyfriend got baptized last year and they separated when he did. They got back together and he convinced her to take the lessons but she doesn't seem that happy about it. They apparently have lots of problems and fights and she blames it on the church. She's actually very angry and bitter. We invited her to pray but she won't. She's allowed her bitterness and anger to cut her off from God and Christ, the only people who can heal and help her. We are trying to help her open up and pray but it's going to take a while. 

We had a super cool lesson with our investigator Phillipe yesterday. He read Alma 7 but didn't really understand. We had an awesome discussion of the Atonement and repentance and baptism. He understood and I know he felt something. He's slowly melting and I'm sure sometime in the future he'll be baptized. I'm just not sure when. He is progressing though. 

We had our last missionary concert yesterday in Papeari. It was a bit sad because it was Sister Caldwells last concert and all the missionaries wrote her letters to thank her. Sister Caldwell and her husband are here serving as a "couple missionary", but their time is done. They have been so wonderful and the mission will be less fun and awesome without them. 

This week I read a lot in the "Teaching of the Presidents" book. I read the biography of every single prophet and I learned so many great lessons. Their stories and examples have inspired me a lot. I was most touched by their devotion and their humility so my goal this week is to be more humble and devoted. We'll see how that goes.

I love you all!!!! Have an awesome week!!
Elder Cole Porter

Pics of the parade.

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