Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What a week

Hey everyone, hows it going?! I'm doing well. I'm going to write a short email because not a lot happened this week. 

It rained a bunch!! Like every day!! Rain kind of kills missionary work here so the work was slow. Also I got kind of sick so that slowed us down a bit too. 

Not a lot happened lesson wise. We were able to go on visits with a brother in the ward named Brother Tarano. He's super nice and we were able to visit a couple of inactive families with him. On Saturday there was a sport activity for all the priesthood brethren. We went with the elders of Vaiatu who live in the house with us. When we showed up there was only the elders quorum prez, the High Priest group leader, and his assistant (who happens to be Brother Tarano)! After a bit, Bishop showed up too. So it was pretty funny! There were just 4 young missionaries and 60 year old men playing soccer against each other. I was laughing a lot! 

We had a lesson with Phillipe yesterday after church. We read Alma 40 with him to discuss the resurrection. It was a cool lesson and he enjoyed it a lot. We are starting to see him progress little by little. He even said he might come to church after he gets back from vacation. YES!!!! 

We had the concert at Mahina last night. I saw a bunch of people from my first area of Faaripo! It was awesome!! I also got to see some good missionary friends that I haven't seen in awhile like Elder Heno, Elder Reese, and Elder Paxman! It was a good concert! At the end, of the concert a super sweet Mami (grandma) I knew from Faaripo came up to me and said she had a gift for me. She then handed me a brand new, beautiful, handmade Ukulele!!! It's super cool! I thanked her profusely! Tahitians are some of the most charitable people I know! 

Anyways! Thats about it. We have some cool lessons fixed for this week so I'm sure to have some stories next week. I love you all!!! Have a good week!!! 
-- elder Cole Porter

My awesome new Ukulele.
The Paea Zone.

My typical breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past two years! Cooked fish and Raw fish! Delicious!!

Rain, anyone????
Elder Goodwin, Me, Elder McClelland, and Elder Swartz

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