Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rahi roa Papa'iraa (Many Big Writings)

Hey Everyone!!! 

So where to begin!? This week has been pretty uneventful. We had a lot of lessons with in-actives and excommunicates. It's really cool to teach people like this. They are so willing to except the gospel and when you teach them something they've forgotten…it's like a light comes on and they can feel the truthfulness of it again. There's a quote in PMG (preach my gospel) from Elder Boyd K. Packer that says, and I'm quoting from memory but I think it says " when you're teaching someone the gospel…you're not introducing something new or foreign, you're telling their spirits something they knew before but now they've forgotten. You're talking to the light of Christ that's already in them" and it's so true. It's honestly like a light going on!! We teach an excommunicated member named Yanki and he is so awesome. The other day I taught him about the Atonement of Christ and afterwards he bore really powerful testimony about it and it was super cool to see that! We also found a lot of potential new investigators and this week is packed with lessons!! Im super excited to find someone new and teach them from the beginning!! I love you ALL!! Thanks for all you do !!!!

Elder Cole Porter

Our zone with President and sister Bize..

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