Monday, January 26, 2015

Teaching with spirit...

So this week has been a little laid back. We had a bunch of lessons on Tuesday and It rained a lot!! There was supposed to be a giant cyclone last week but luckily it changed directions. A cyclone is just a hurricane or tropical storm. Wednesday was a giant Zone meeting with President and his wife. They are super cool. Thursday, we were very busy again. Friday we had district meeting and we taught two lessons that day! Saturday we had a giant service project at Mahina where we went to town on someones yard! And yesterday we just went to church and taught class and then had a FHE night with a super awesome family. The parents are both excommunicated but they want to get baptized and they are extremely nice and strong.

So my mom will be happy to know that I'm basically a testimony bearing machine now. Before my mission, my strength was being able to explain things well and being able to express all my ideas, but now that I can't speak French or Tahitian perfectly, my only weapon is a heartfelt testimony! So, that's usually what I do during most lessons. It's really cool to see the special spirit that enters the room when you bear a simple testimony.

One of my favorite quotes is a section from PMG. It's a quote by Ezra Taft Benson and he basically just says that all questions about the truthfulness of gospel doctrines (abortion, word of wisdom, chastity, etc.) lie upon the Book of Mormon, because if it's true then everything else is true about this gospel. You only need an answer to one question...Is the book true?

Anyways, I love you all!!! Everything's awesome here in Tahiti!!! Im loving being a missionary!!! thanks or all you do!!!
     Elder Porter
Me and Elder Langlois. Just hangin at this natural water spring.

Did I mention I live in paradise???

That is a giant water snake!! They can be found everywhere. No fun to play with, but DELICIOUS to eat!!!

One of my favorite people on the island. I call him "frangine" which means "bro". And the giant cucumber he grew.

My favorite flower in Tahiti. Not sure what it's called. Everything here has really long Tahitian names!

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