Monday, January 19, 2015


So where to begin for this week! We were amazingly busy this week.
We had 22 lessons overall. Most of them were with new converts, inactives, and excommunicated members. We also have a new investigator. His name is Michael and him and his wife, who's a recent convert, want to go to the temple. Its awesome! They were really excited to learn. I also taught an inactive member named Rarani, sort of by myself, we had too many lessons so I went with the elders quorum president and I taught her about things she can do to stop smoking. It was the first time I felt I was fluent in French. I understood everything she said and I could express everything I wanted to say. I felt the Spirit so strong there! Then I went on ZL splits on Friday with Elder Tematahotoa. I taught my first lesson in Tahitian with him! Its one of the Zone leaders investigators and he's a man that only speaks Tahitian...he only speaks a little French. So I tried teaching about Prayer and Obedience. Everyone there was really surprised by my Tahitian because not of lot of people speak it. I didn't say a lot but I tried to speak simply and from the heart. I for sure felt the help of the Spirit. The investigator asked me to pray at the beginning and the end of the lesson. Afterwards, he told Elder Tematahotoa that he felt something (the spirit)  as I tried to speak in Tahitian. It was such a cool experience!!

Now I want to talk about food...fruit is amazing here! Everything is fresh and delicious. My favorite fruit so far is mangoes or pears....pears are so good here.
I eat a lot of raw fish. And its delicious. It's usually soaked in lime juice and coconut milk. I love it so much. I also love PuaaToro!! It's canned corned beef and its the scariest thing to look at when you first eat it but you grow to love it! It's really good with breadfruit. Mom, puaatoro would scare you! The Weirdest thing I've eaten so far is turtle. I had it after I taught that guy in Tahitian and it was pretty good. It's highly illegal here but its the food that a lot of elders try to eat because its rare! 
I also ate this thing called Einai...its a bunch of little tadpole fish things that are thrown into batter whole and then fried. It's so good!!

Also I biked a lot this week…in the rain…up a mountain…with a sort of broken bike…it was awesome!! (I can tell my kids that story someday).

Anyways, love you all!!!! Thanks for the support!!! 

Faaitoito e faaipoipo

Me and Elder Langlois. At the ocean, but Not in the ocean!!!

Ahhhh yeah!!!!! And thanks for the sweet bear shirt mom!

put the things that matter most to me above my bed. Temple. My family. Christ. Bear.

Me and Kevin. He's a guy that lives in our area.

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