Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Other benefits

First off some big news! Elder Palombo and I did our first official weigh in! I've lost a total of 40 pounds since I started my mission and 15 pounds since I arrived here in rangiroa. Elder Palombo and I started an insanity schedule and we do insanity now 5 times a week! but I'm not giving any more updates till I leave Rangiroa. it'll be a surprise! 

So this week was pretty normal! We had a lot of lessons cancel which was frustrating but we still had some really cool lessons! Yesterday we met with an adventist couple who are very strong in the bible and for an hour and a half we "discussed" the bible and what the bible teaches. It was so much fun. They weren't contentious like other people here. It was a very fun, friendly discussion. They invited us to come back thursday. We are gonna try to get them to read the Book of Mormon. 

There was a cruise boat that came to Rangiroa and we met a lot of Americans, especially from Cali! It was fun to talk to them and some even knew who we were. 

That's it for this week. Love you all.
Elder Porter

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