Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Well the news is in everybody. I'm getting transfered to Pira'e 1 at Tahiti. Its not a big sector but the ward is really good and the house has air conditioning so that will be nice. My new companion will be Elder Jessop. I don't know where he's from but he's finishing in just 6 weeks. 
Not a lot has happened this week. We didn't have a lot of lessons because the vacation is still going on. We did however have a missionary activity this weekend. We planned a fireside for sunday night about the restoration. So saturd​ay we planned to go Knock on doors and handout invitations. But only two members showed up to pass out invitations. Our ward mission leader and the branch president. We went out anyways and had a good time. So sunday night we were waiting for people to show up but no one came so we decided to start and just do a quick lesson for the members who were there. But about 15 minutes into the fireside a french professor showed up. He was really interested in the message but he said he was moving to France on Tuesday so he couldn't start lessons. He accepted A book of Mormon and hopefully he'll read it and talk to some missionaries in France.
I'm very grateful for work. I know it's something my dad never thought he would hear from me, but being on a mission has taught me that work brings happiness into life. Idleness brings nothing. The weeks where there's no work are always harder than the weeks where you work everyday. I never want to be put into an easy sector. I want to be put into hard sectors where you have to bike all day and there's always something to do. Work is important because its the second ingredient to Faith. In James we learn that faith without works is dead. Faith is not merely a belief or hope. Faith is a strong belief in Christ that leads to works. We are blessed after our faith is shown or after we have acted. This is why work brings happiness, work is how we recieve blessings.

 I love you all!!!! Have a good week!!!

Elder Porter

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