Monday, October 6, 2014

MTC, first day and big news

 So I don't have a lot of time right now...but ill try to tell you everything that's happened. So the first day was super confusing!! I had no idea what was going on. Another Elder showed me to my room and immediately he took me to my class where "Orometua Maples" only spoke Tahitian to me. We learned a lot of Tahitian vocab that day. I met my comp Elder Hill. He's awesome!! The MTC is awesome!! We have 12-13 hours of class a day. We got to watch a video of a talk by David A. Bednar on Sunday and it was the best thing I've ever heard. Our branch Presidency is so amazing and nice. On Sunday Branch President Barker pulled just me aside for an interview. It was super cool to talk to him. He said he liked my spirit which was why he singled me out. Oh and big news, the Tahitian mission has the longest stay of any mission in the MTC. 12 WEEKS!!!! 6 weeks of each language (French and Tahitian) but im excited. People say the Tahitian missionaries get a lot respect since we are here so long. I'll send some pictures later today and I'll write some more but I got to go now. Ua here au ia TATOU.  I love you All!!

Cole Porter

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