Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 6 at MTC

Hey Everyone....so not a lot has happened this week....just a lot more studying and a lot more teaching....I honestly have nothing to report....Our district is working on a song that we might sing at a devotional.....and yesterday we moved classes into the newly renovated 4M building....Its super nice!!!! the classroom is bigger and there's an investigator/interview room with a picture of a bear with her cubs so of course I claimed eternal dibs on it!! Its getting really cold up here but its also super nice!!! Also last night I got kind of sick and I was up all night with nausea and a really sore throat...I went to the clinic this morning and the doctor thinks I just have a virus but I'm doing okay now....I'm just really tired....That's all thats really happened....Thank You All for your support!! Keep me updated!!!!
P.S. I'm loving Hebrews 11 (the whole chapter) right now. I'm always changing what my favorite part of the scriptures are, but right now Hebrews has it!

Love Elder Porter

Picture of me and Elder Elledge...
Me and the Utah mountains (can't wait until it's me and the Tahiti mountains)...

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