Monday, October 6, 2014

The MTC life (week 2)

So, this past week has been super crazy!! All the French Elders left and So Elder Hill and I are the new zone leaders. M. Russel Ballard spoke to us on Tuesday which was super cool. Its been a lot of class time and a lot of studying!! The food here isn't too bad...the salads are pretty good. Elder Hill and I both caught a cold....which was super fun!! So on Sunday I was trained on how to  be a zone leaders and its a lot of for example...some elders from France are arriving and I have to show them around and stay with them the whole day. Then tomorrow, we're getting a shipment of 22 elders and 20 sisters...and Elder hill and I are in charge of them all. Its so crazy!! I've barely been here for two weeks. Elder Hills birthday was yesterday so to celebrate we ate a bunch of dougnuts and played with a bunch of sticky hands his parents gave him. Then we went to workout at the gym and both of us lifted so many weights that we both puked afterwards and neither of us can walk today!! It was awesome!! The french elders that left yesterday gave us a lot of parting gifts...namely: a small cactus, a small christmas tree, 25 pounds of junk food, a moose head signed by all the zone leaders, handdrawn pictures, and all their garbage!! they also snuck into out room in the middle of the night and placed cookies was really creepy!! I love you all!!!

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