Monday, October 6, 2014

The Spirit (week 2)

So Ive had a lot of spiritual experiences!! Ive learned a lot about how to teach people and how to bring the Spirit into the lesson. We had a district meeting the other day and it was super cool. Each elder gave a 5 min lesson on a specific aspect on the Book Of Mormon...the Spirit was so strong! We all felt the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon!! One thing I really miss is going to the temple with you Mom! Its probably the thing I miss most! So I was super excited to be able to go to the Provo temple however it felt different. Usually when I go to the temple I receive the impression that the work I'm performing there is the most important thing I can do and I never want to leave the Celestial Room. However at the Provo temple it felt different. As soon as I got into the Celestial Room I had the strong impression that told me, " Even though temple work is of a great importance, the calling of a missionary is of greater importance." No missionary likes staying in the Celestial room...the Spirit whispers to you that, "you need to leave because you've completed all that you've needed to do and that it is time to go back to work." It's a really interesting feeling. I love you all so much....Ua here au ia outou atoa.
I know the gospel is true.....Ua ite au e, e parau mau te evanalia. The MTC is awesome....E mea oaoa i te MTC. Na'Na!!!
Me and Elder Hill (my companion) in front of the Provo Temple

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