Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Elders

Hey Everyone.....So this week has been crazy.......we got a bunch of new elders from France, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia...Some of them speak English and some of them don't....Its been crazy...​Its been a challenge to communicate with them however they are all awesome...Elder Brunet, see picture below, (who's from a small town on the border of France and Switzerland) told me that his girlfriend is going to Gilbert on her mission...I don't know what her name is but i'll find out and you can watch out for her....The Sunday devotional was given by a guy who's in charge of the church missionary media...he showed us how to use technology to teach and a new special project that I'm not allowed to discuss...We started french yesterday even though our Tahitian is purely doctrinal Tahitian...I can teach repentance and baptism but not how many children someone has or what they do for'll be a challenge...Our teacher Orometua Maples has talked to us a lot about Tahiti...he just got back like 8 months ago...I'm so excited!!! Tahiti sounds awesome....The church is true and the MTC is awesome!!! I love you all and miss you!!! Talk to you next week!!

Elder Brunet

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