Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tahitian is Cool!

Hey Everybody! This last week has been awesome. General conference was super awesome to watch and on Sunday Vai Sikahema gave a devotional and it was the best talk I've ever heard!! He just told a lot of stories about all his missionary experiences. He's way cool. Last Wednesday we got to do a thing called TRC (Teaching Resource Center). We had to give a 10 minute lesson to actual members either from Tahiti or fluent in Tahitian. They speak really fast!! Bro Parsons went on his mission to Tahiti in 1960 and he was extremely surprised to know that we had only been learning Tahitian for two weeks. We're starting French on Tuesday. Tonight we're meeting all our international missionaries. They're either from France or Vanuatu. Elder Hill and I are really clicking. We go hard at teaching!! I love you all!! Thank you for your support. Ua ite au e, e parau te Varua Maitai i to tatou aau e i to tatou feruriraa. Ua ite au e, ua here Te Atua ia tatou. E parau mau te evanelia. E parau mau te Puta A Moromona! Ua here au ia outou!! Na'Na 

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